Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project 21 Update

The Project 21 committee has been hard at work identifying opportunities for students that would enhance the development of their skills of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking/problem solving.

At earlier meetings, committee members created twenty-three potential opportunities that could be offered to students during times they are not in school; school breaks, summer vacation, after school, etc. Subsequently, the identified projects were presented to the Lake Orion High School Leadership Class students for their review and input to determine whether the projects would be of interest to students. 

It’s very clear why these students are in a Leadership Class!  They embraced the charge of reviewing the projects with great enthusiasm and, in teams, developed multi-media presentations for each project to illustrate how the project could be implemented.  More importantly, each of their presentations included a thorough analysis of how the project would develop the 21st century skills listed above.

At the most recent Project 21 meeting, a few of the students shared their presentations and were received by the committee with keen interest and appreciation.  Following this, the committee members were tasked with narrowing down to three projects to focus on for further development with the expectation to offer these first three projects by the summer of 2012.  A very brief description of each is indicated below.

FIRST®LEGO®League :  FIRST®LEGO®League (FLL) teams will be created at the elementary/middle school levels.  FIRST®LEGO®League is a worldwide program for children designed to get them excited about science and technology.

Dragon Geek Squad:  Students will partner with senior citizens to teach them how to use a variety of technologies.

Dragons Entering New Territory (DENT):  Age-Appropriate Life Skills training will provide an academic study of Life Skills to include a breadth and depth of topics.  Students’ homes will be used to provide opportunities to practice and gain experience with each topic.

Next Steps:  Committee members have split into groups to now “flesh-out” each of the projects to determine the how/when/and where.  In addition to the parents, community members, and staff members, students will be included to provide their good thinking and insight.

A Project 21 interim report will be presented to the Board of Education at the December 14 meeting.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Board of Education Updates District Strategic Plan

At the November 14 Workshop, Board members reviewed the current District Strategic Plan.  Because some of the previously identified initiatives have been completed, the Board is updating and making revisions and additions to the future direction of the district. The vision and mission statement have been clarified as follows:

Lake Orion Community Schools Vision
Educating our students for the challenges of tomorrow

Lake Orion Community Schools Mission Statement
Providing an exemplary education for all learners

Strategic areas and Goals have been revised and the Board will continue to review and finalize these at the December 14 Board meeting. Once the Board approves the Goals, specific objectives and action plans will be developed to chart the course of the District. The areas identified by the Board are indicated below:

Strategic Area:  Student Achievement
Goal: Foster academic excellence through a 21st Century learning environment that challenges and inspires all students

Strategic Area:  Finance
Goal:  Ensure financial resources are adequate to accomplish our Vision and Mission

Strategic Area:  Operations
Goal: Create and maintain physical learning environments to meet curriculum and demographic needs

Strategic Area:  Human Resources
Goal:  Implement a system to ensure high quality staff and continuous development of staff capacity

Strategic Area:  Communications
Goal:  Foster two-way, mutually beneficial communication with District's stakeholders

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go Lady Dragons!

The Lady Dragon volleyball team stormed back from two games down to beat Macomb Dakota on Tuesday, November 15, to earn their way to the Final Four!  
This is the first time Lake Orion has reached the semi-finals in the State volleyball tournament. 
They play Clarkston on Thursday at 7 p.m. in Battle Creek.