Sunday, June 16, 2013

LOHS Graduation - Superintendent's Speech June 11, 2013

Good evening, - Board of Education, Administrators, faculty, guests, very proud parents and family members and especially the Lake Orion graduating class of 2013. 

LO High School Graduation
As your superintendent, I’m supposed to provide you with profound advice as you leave the confines of the 4 walls of high school and begin a new journey and adventure in the world.

I’ll be honest with you – I thought about doing something like that but, knowing many of you, I figured you’d have your cell phones underneath your gowns and would be texting and tweeting each other during the high points of my presentation.

So, rather than offer you advice which I’m sure you will get from family and friends, I want to say that you have quite a distinction as you graduate as the class of THIRTEEN.

That number seems to resonate with me and I’ve always considered the number 13 to be a lucky number - Maybe it’s because my birthday is on the 13th….

LO Adult Education/Learning Options Graduation
But seriously, think about it, you became a teenager at 13. The US flag has 13 stripes on it symbolizing the 13 original colonies that formed our great United States. There are 13 major joints in our body, 13 lunar cycles in a solar year, and the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky everyday. And, if you go to Dunkin Donuts and order a dozen, you get 13 instead of 12 doughnuts, which is considered a baker’s dozen.

Coincidentally, you’ve been in school for 13 years – with the distinction of being the first class to start kindergarten in the new – 21st century!  

But, here’s what I find most relevant to this class about the number 13. 13 is a prime number, which means it cannot be divided by any number other than one and itself.

So, despite the fact that I said I wasn’t going to offer you advice, I changed my mind…. And, you know, being the superintendent, I can do that… So here’s what I would like to say to you…

LO IMAGE Program Graduation
The person you are with most in your life is yourself. You decide whether you will be your own person – Like the number 13 in this year as you graduate, you decide whether you will be undivided and uninfluenced by others around you. It’s up to you and only you to choose how you will live your life – what you are going to do and become. It is your own choices that will determine how your future will be played out.  And your future is NOT determined by chance or by having lucky numbers, it is determined by the choices you make.

So, Class of 2013 - may you always be blessed with good health and happiness and may you always make good and smart choices so that your future is filled with wonder, excitement, and some very pleasant surprises.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lake Orion Bond Election Information

It is our intent to be sure that all parents, staff and community members have accurate and up-to-date information about the August 6th Bond Election.  To that end, we have posted complete information on our District Website which includes the list of Projects, a PPT presentation, individual building specific information and "Frequently Asked Questions".

You can directly access the information by clicking the image below.