Friday, January 9, 2015

January is School Board Recognition Month

President Debbie Porter

January is School Board Recognition Month. Lake Orion and communities across Michigan recognize local school board members for providing leadership and guidance to school districts.

Vice President Scott Taylor
The Lake Orion School Board members are dedicated, visionary and generous individuals whose leadership has been invaluable in navigating the challenging environment of the last few years.

"Few people fully understand the scope and implications of school board service," said Kathy Hayes, Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Boards.  "When citizens elect a school board, they've given those few members the great responsibility of steering public education in the communities they represent."

Treasurer Jim Weidman
Secretary Connie Meech
The seven Lake Orion Board members take that responsibility and public trust very seriously, dedicating an enormous number of hours to their work both in and outside of Board meetings.  

Please join me in thanking our board members for their dedication to the students of Lake Orion Schools.

Trustee Birgit McQuiston
Trustee Steve Drakos
Trustee Bill Holt