Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Building and site sinking fund passes, THANK YOU Lake Orion!

A very huge and heartfelt thank you for your support in successfully passing the building and site sinking fund millage that was on the August 2 ballot. We are so appreciative of your support of our schools and, more importantly, of our students. This will allow us to address many long-needed repair and equipment replacement projects over the next several years to ensure a safe and functional learning/instructional environment for our students and staff.
I would be remiss if I didn't send out a special thanks to the Citizens' Committee and our school staff that worked tirelessly to reach out to make sure that our community was informed of the issues throughout the campaign.
I assure you we will be careful stewards of this fund and will keep the community informed of the projects we plan to complete as we go along with major repairs and renovations.  Again, THANK YOU for your support.
Marion Ginopolis, Superintendent


  1. In retrospect the sinking fund was a complete waste of effort. The latest recommendations and action plans by the Lake Orion School District reduce any value that may have been percieved or realized by residents and prospective residents of the community.

  2. I'm not clear on your comment as to how the passage of the sinking fund is related to recent decisions made by the District. If you would like to discuss, please contact me at and we can schedule time to do so.