Monday, March 7, 2016

Stay informed about Board of Education deliberations and decisions!

In my continued efforts to keep our community apprised of the Board and Administration discussions and deliberations regarding Future Planning and Budget/Enrollment issues, summaries of discussions and decisions made by the Board during their meetings and workshops are available on the District Website and can be accessed by CLICKING THIS LINK.  Resources distributed to the Board are also available.

Board meeting agendas, minutes and links to televised meetings/workshops can be accessed on the District Website by clicking the Board of Education pull-down menu at the top of the opening page of the Website.

It is important to keep in mind that a Board meeting (workshop) is a meeting of the Board in public; it is not a Public Meeting.  During the "Public Participation" portion of a meeting, audience members have the opportunity to speak to the Board.  However, the Board does not engage in a two-way dialogue during this time. Dialogue between the Board and district stakeholders occurs during public forums, community meetings, Board "coffees", Board attendance at PTO meetings and other such venues.  

However, as we move forward with our discussions about the financial status of our district and short/long term strategies that will affect the future of our district, the Board and Administration plan to conduct such forums so that all stakeholders have an opportunity to provide feedback to the Board and engage n a dialogue with the Board.  Dates/locations for these forums will be communicated in advance to the public.

In addition, and at any time, district stakeholders can email the Board with questions, concerns, opinions, etc. at   It is the Board of Education's practice to respond to all emails that include a verifiable full name, address and phone number.