District Long Range Planning Study

Long Range Planning Study of the Lake Orion Community Schools

The Board of Education has begun a Long Range Planning Study of the Lake Orion Community Schools. This study was prompted by reductions in funding, student enrollment trends and new housing developments. 
The goal of the Long Range Planning Committee is to provide recommendations, looking three to five years out, for the design of our school system that reflects the Board's vision in light of enrollment trends and funding reductions while preserving and enhancing the educational programs. To this end, the Long Range Planning Committee has been charged with the following:
1. Determine the most efficient use and allocation of resources given forecasted demographics, enrollment trends, capacity of existing schools and other relevant variables; and
2. Propose to the Board of Education a range of possible alternatives to the current use of facilities, configuration, infrastructure, practices, and procedures taking into consideration their relevant implications including, but not limited to, budget, facilitation of academic programs, impact on children and families, and legislative requirements and mandates.

For complete information about the Long Range Planning Study, click this link:

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